SCP Tracker

I love these SCP trading cards, just the idea of them existing is fascinating to me. At the same time I realize that the artwork on these is mostly stolen user contributions from the wiki. That’s been bothering me so I decided to try and do something about that. I can’t unmake these trading cards, or force Camon (the company that prints them) to properly license their artwork. Likely these would not exist if licensing was required.

What I can do is try to restore attribution to the original artists. That is what this page is all about. Here I’m tracking what I’ve opened and attempting to link back to whoever the original artist is for the work on the card. I might get this wrong, and I probably can’t figure them all out — but if you spot a mistake or know one I’m missing, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

The goal of this is to try to help. If any artist wants their name or card removed from this site for any reason just let me know and I will do it. On the other hand if you’d like me to send you a copy of your card – I’d also be happy to do that if you send me a message, free of charge of course.

Above is a picture I took of all the boxes I have of these trading cards. I think I own every single box that was printed, and I own 2 of most of them, 3 of some, 4 of that 2-yuan set 1 box lol. I put red Xs over what I’ve opened so far and I’ll keep that updated. Below is a list of links to each set’s review post and then the attribution table for the artwork.

YCSR1 2-yuan box: SCP Trading Cards: Time To Hunt Down Some Forgotten Monsters

YCSX 2-yuan box: Failure Of Reception: The First Box Of SCP Foundation Cards

YCSR1 5-yuan box: A Glittery Cube Full Of SCP Foundation Trading Cards

Here are my attempts at attribution for this artwork. Keep in mind the manufacturer has added things to these but it is still pretty clear where it came from.