Miyazaki Trading Cards: Wonderful Depictions of Studio Ghibli Films

Who doesn’t love Studio Ghibli, their films combine amazing animation artwork with heartwarming lessons for us all. Will these Miyazaki trading cards be just as good? Come and find out.

Today I’ve got something really special to show you, or at least I think so. Studio Ghibli runs a museum in Mitaka, Japan. At some point, or maybe in the future, this museum sold/will sell a set of trading cards. I did not buy these from that museum, I do read some Japanese and I cannot find this product on their store. I bought this set of Miyazaki trading cards from C1LUXURYACC Store on AliExpress, for 28$. Highly recommend this store, I’ve not completed multiple orders and all went perfectly. These are almost certainly counterfeits of some kind, and yet, here they are, might as well take a look at them.

The box is not square, it’s long, there is only one stack of packs in this box

The box is gorgeous to look at, covered in a shiny rainbow foil texture and embossed lettering. The artwork is also very well done, this is a high quality product. The box is similar in quality to the Gundam box I reviewed earlier, although this one costs 10 dollars less. The box is smaller than a typical 1-yuan box, it contains 20 also very high quality packs of 5 cards each. I guess this is roughly equivalent to a 5-yuan set in cost and pack count.

This set’s marketing materials also look amazing, with multiple small mini sets to collect and two large SSR and UR sets. Most of the cards you’ll be getting will be those SSR and UR cards. I bought 2 boxes of this set, and I do not expect to come close to completing it. My hope is that I get at least one card from each mini set though.

Interestingly this box and this set generally are all printed in Japanese, as if it really is for that museum to sell. There is even a little map on the back of each pack to where the museum is. What this might be is a factory leak or secondary print run in a black market factory of the real cards. Since most things are made or printed in China, it’s fairly easy to find fake products that are for all intents and purposes identical to the real product… but the seller did not incur the development costs, so their profit margin is higher by default.

The bottom has a map to the museum, and some information about the product printed in Japanese and English, not Chinese.
Unpacked you can see that the packs are larger than you’d expect, at least 50% larger than other Kayou products I’ve seen. The cardboard is not as strong as you’d like, but the artwork is pretty.

What kind of cards are we going to pull from this? We’re going to have to wait and see, one pack at a time is the way around here after all.

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