Studio Ghibli Trading Cards: Holy Totoro These are Awesome!

The box for these Studio Ghibli trading cards was impressively high quality. I hope the cards inside the first pack are just as cool!

Last week I reviewed the Studio Ghibli Museum trading card set from China. That box was well constructed and contains 20 oversize card packs. But what’s inside? Let’s find out by opening the first pack of Studio Ghibli trading cards.

The packs are big but the cards are the standard size, they fit in my binders no problem. The pack had 5 cards in it. 4 SSRs and 1 UR, which is the default distribution. This set has many mini-sets within it that could also be in these packs. The cards do not each have a unique back, instead it seems like each rarity has it’s own back design. The cards are printed on high quality stock and have a pleasant foil coating over them.

The acorns lead to the Totoro

The first card I received was SSR23 which depicts one of the acorns the children follow to find Totoro. The card has great color, the gold lettering has an emboss to it. The bottom area of the card has an especially nice rainbow dot pattern, this really shines in the light.

The fields around their home
Books from Howl’s Moving Castle

The rest of the SSRs were from Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle. Each card seems to be a frame from the movies. There is not really any descriptions or anything on these, it’s just the image, the title of the film and the card number. With artwork like this, maybe that’s all you need.

The UR cards are significantly leveled up from the SSRs!

The UR card looks very different from the SSRs. This card has a different border and film title treatment. Some Japanese lettering on the bottom that says “Studio Ghibli”. Notably this card has the character name on it, again it Japanese characters – Hiragana this time. It reads “Suliman” as this card is depicting Madame Suliman, the primary bad guy in this film.

Again very happy with this purchase, I have two boxes of these and it is really hard to resist opening them all right now. But today we’re just opening one, some great pulls here, going in the binder. Until next time.

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