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Wall of Packs! All my Packs In a Single Picture!

My Wall of Packs is a directory of every pack I’ve opened so far in image form. Find the pack you want to learn about, then click the link for it’s number.

As of now I’ve opened 24 packs of cards, if you count the promo packs too. That makes a nice even rectangular image when you lay them all out – so I did just that. Then I numbered those and here is the matching article for each one – I call it the Wall of Packs:

Note: These are not in any kind of ranking order, for that check out the current top ten list, or the Hall of Fame Cards!

  1. Demon Slayer Set 4, 1-yuan
  2. Dragon Ball, set 3, 1-yuan
  3. Game Soul, Set 1, 5-yuan
  4. Identity-V, blue set, 1-yuan
  5. JoJo, set 1, 2-yuan
  6. Naruto, set 2, 1-yuan
  7. SCP Foundation, Set 1, 5-yuan
  8. Star Wars Pre-Release, box promo pack
  9. Beast Mother, 5-yuan
  10. Game Soul, set 1, box promo pack
  11. Duel Gundam, set 1, 10-yuan
  12. Identity-V, red set, 1-yuan
  13. Studio Ghibli, museum set, 5-yuan
  14. One Piece, HZ1 Set, 1-yuan
  15. SCP Foundation, set 1 remaster, 2-yuan
  16. Transformers, unknown set, 2-yuan
  17. Little Dinosaur, all sets use this as the box promo pack design
  18. Dragon Ball, set 2, 10-yuan
  19. Dual Gundam, set 2, 10-yuan
  20. IdentityV, Mystery Mirror set, 1-yuan
  21. My Little Pony, set 2, 5-yuan
  22. SCP Foundation, Set 2, 1-yuan
  23. Star Wars Pre-Release, 10-yuan
  24. Victors Verses, WD1Z set, 2-yuan
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