Ah JoJo, I had completely forgotten I had this box. Last night I was putting away that incredible looking Star Wars pre-release box and as I was moving things around I spotted this little purple box in the back. This manga/anime is easily the most insane thing you will ever watch. I can’t even describe things correctly, the art style alone should tell you things are going to get weird. So I just had to crack open this box of trading cards for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

Are those pecks? Are they boobs? Why does it matter so much, this is JoJo town now

Before I start trying to fumble my way through a description of this series, lets talk about the box itself, that’s much easier to deal with. This is the 2-yuan box from series 1, there is another set/box out there now but I didn’t pick it up yet. I bought this from Goddess Story Store on AliExpress. Don’t ask what “Goddess Story” means, we’re going to get into that eventually but not today. This was an early test buy when I was trying out a bunch of different vendors to see who shipped things in the best condition.

The box cost me about 25$, for 30 packs. The cards look really nice in the advertising, as always, but there is a level of quality to this that I hope will come through in real life. You can tell just looking at the box that the printing process is higher quality, the foiling on this box has multiple textured layers – and that’s just the box. Some of the art in the advertising gets a little NSFW-y, but then again so does the show, just a little bit, and never in a way you’d really like so don’t worry too much.

This is another “Little Dinosaur” product, the Demon Slayer cards I looked at earlier are from this manufacturer. This set uses the C-R rarity system. It should have 2 SSP cards, 4 SP and 12 URs. 12 CP, that’s like a mini set inside the set, then 16 SSR, 20 SR, 26 R and then 2 Promo cards that are probably only available to retailers or at events. Given all that, and the usually distributions I doubt I’ll get close to a full set from just one 2-yuan box, but I should still have 30 chances at some of those sweet URs.

This box is simply gorgeous. That purple diamond foil texture is on all but the back surface, then there is a rainbow foil on top of that. Each side also has distinct artwork, this box was made to sell cards. Remember that these boxes are intended to be on display in retail stores, maybe right next to the checkout where they can be an impulse add on. So they need to be flashy and look good. They even fold up into little display stands, but I don’t try do that cause I don’t want to rip them.

Ok so what is this show about? Essentially it’s about a group of people who have the ability to control a power they call Hamon, or “Ripple” energy. This is controlled with breathing techniques and grants each wielder some unique powers. Usually super strength, invincibility or vampiric blood, normal stuff you know. Everything is over the top dramatic and way over acted to the extreme. This all adds to the charm, the plot lines are only there to provide excuses for the fight sequences.

The box is so shiny I had to take two photos to get the labeling clear enough to read. It’s pretty standard labeling and warning for these types of products. From the quality of all this I would guess we’re looking a real licensed product. Although this could be a fake copy of that product. One odd thing is the wrapping on the box was harder than I expected, this is sign of repacking. Then the box inside was taped shut with a piece of tape, another sign that somebody opened this. I suspect these come with a promo pack and the vendor took that for themselves, that is pretty common unfortunately.

So there you have it, a box of JoJo trading cards. I’m going to go open a pack up and see what we get.

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    1. That’s a great question! I’ve always thought of these as just trading cards, but they are part of Little Dinosaur’s TCG system. There are power and defense values on each card as well as a star rating. I’ve never actually seen official rules but from what understand you build a deck so that you and your opponent have roughly equal total star rating – kind of like of warhammer armies are built. Then you flip cards and the game works sort of like the game War that you can play with regular cards. Really though I’m not entirely sure, if you ever find official rules I would love to read through them.

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