Mail Call! Star Wars and One Punch Man Trading Cards? Sign me up!

Another package arrived, these take a long time to ship so I usually forget which is which by the time they get here. This one turned out to be Star Wars and One Punch Man!

I have a lot of free time this weekend so I figured I’d open another one of these packages up. I have the other half of the shipment I looked at last time, but I also two others. One I know is waifu cards, and I just don’t want to get into that whole thing yet. This one I think is going to be something really special, I think these are Star Wars and One Punch Man Trading Cards.

Despite being from a different vendor, the packages all look exactly the same. That’s drop shipping for you.

As usual I ordered these boxes from AliExpress, this time they are from my other go-to vendor: C1LUXURYACC Store. I know it looks shady, really shady, but I’ve had nothing but good luck from this vendor and their shipments always come in perfect condition. Whenever I’m ordering the more expensive boxes, I try to get them from this shop for that reason.

So much bubble wrap, I get almost an entire roll with each of these.

Inside the plastic wrapping is just a big ball of bubble wrap and tape. You could seriously toss this thing around like a football and the boxes inside would not be harmed. Likely that is exactly what happened to this package on it’s month long journey to my house. This vendor goes even further though and puts hard plastic corners on all the boxes – so even if the package takes a really hard fall, it won’t bend the box the way all the other boxes i’ve reviewed were bent. That amazing Gundam box I got came from this shop.

One Punch Man! Such a good Anime, if you get a chance definitely watch this. This is a 10-yuan box, that means “Very expensive” in relative terms

Since I used the teaser image as the article’s main image let’s jump right into the contents. First up is this 10-yuan box of One Punch Man cards. This is the first series, there is a second one printed but these are kind of expensive for me so I just got this to start. This box was basically 40$, that’s twice most of the other boxes, and 4x the cost of some of them. This is the most expensive box I own at this point. There are only 18 packs in this box. Still I freaking love this show, series 2 is even better – can’t wait to open these up.

That’s right Star Wars trading cards, no idea what this is a pre-release of, I suspect it is legit however as Disney does actually enforce their trademarks, even in China.

And I would be opening those one-punch cards right now if it wasn’t for the other box in this package. Star Wars cards! These cost me basically 30$, which is also on the higher end, but I had to see what these are like in person. There are only 12 packs in this box, the box almost feels like it is made out of wood which is pretty interesting. This product is some kind of pre-release set for a larger set that I think just came out here. Whatever that is, its way too expensive for my tastes. Almost 80$ and it isn’t clear if you are getting just one of those or all of them. I suspect this is something that is or will be sold at Disney parks.

That’s it for this package, only two new boxes but both look really interesting and different. I’ll add these to my pile of unopened product over here. Oh look a Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure trading card set, I should open that some day, that’s a crazy show.

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