Transformers Trading Cards, More Than Meets the Eye?

They’ve made a lot of transformers products, movies, tv shows, comics, and lots and lots of trading cards. But I bet you’ve never seen these Transformers Trading Cards.

Back again, it’s Friday night here and I grabbed a shiny new box to open. This is always difficult cause I’ve got so many in that shelf, and then I’ve got all these unopened packages which also have boxes in them. I know, first world problems for sure. Tonight we’re gonna take a closer look at one of the many, many Transformers trading card sets that have been produced, of course courtesy of AliExpress.

I bought this box from Anime Card Store on AliExpress for just about 20$, it is the 2-yuan box from this series. 2-yuan just means these packs cost more and should have better rarity distribution vs the 1-Yuan packs. If you want to see what it’s like to receive a package from China like that, I wrote a Mail Call article here where I unboxed this exact one. This store seems pretty good, I’ve given them quite a bit of money and they’ve always given me products in return.

This is it, all 4 sides have this on them so I didn’t take pictures of all 4. It is shiny though

On AliExpress there are a lot of Transformers sets, like at least 10 I counted, 10 distinct different ones – not just series in the same set. There are AR Cards, movie cards for each of the CGI films, a few different anime style ones. I picked this box because the artwork looked the best to me from all the ones I saw. I prefer the comic/anime style to the CGI style robots.

Inside we’ve got 30 shiny red packs, these are thick too – 8 cards in each

The box itself was in decent condition, typical for being shipped around the world like that. It’s very shiny, but cheap feeling. The sides don’t have art, just the logo and it’s the same on all 4 sides. The front artwork is pretty cool, and this was the first box I was able to pop-out into a display without tearing it, so that’s nice.

The bottom was really shiny I had to photograph it in the dark to see anything.

The bottom is pretty interesting though, we’ve got licensing markers from Hasbro. And this time, I actually believe that. This specific box maybe is a fake, probably is a fake, but the set generally seems to be an actual licensed thing. Hopefully that means the artwork will be more professional. Looks like it was made after 2020. I can’t tell who manufactured this, I have a few translations but I can’t find a website or anything to verify this. The english though, that’s something I haven’t seen on these before and really makes think this is at least a real product in general.

The packs look pretty good, got a nice Optimus Prime up there. Each pack has 8 cards, which is the most I’ve seen. This box has 30 packs, so I’ll be getting 240 cards out this — for only 20$. Compare that to like the Gundam Duel box which was 35$ for 30 total cards, 10 packs of 3 cards each. Now those cards were really high quality though. You’ll have to wait for the pack review to see these cards, sorry.

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