Identity V TCG: Opening Two Random Packs

I bought a bunch of un-boxed Identity V TCG packs from AliExpress. Let’s find out what is in them.

Hello Again! I just got back from a business trip, sorry for no posts for a week there. Today I’ve got something new, and hopefully interesting. Something you’ll see often if you hang out on AliExpress are items related to the Identity V series. I’ve never seen this series, but I know there is an Identity V mobile game published in Japan. I wasn’t willing to invest in entire boxes of a TCG I’ll never play, so instead I ordered a bunch of random packs from various sets. Today we’re going to open two of them.

The packs all came from the wonderfully named Shop5298002 Store on AliExpress. Happy to recommend them, as everything I ordered arrived in great condition. Keep in mind that just ordering single packs is kind of tough for them shipping wise, so if you can, throw in a few boxes too just to make the package worth sending. What I do is first set up an order with boxes, then throw in a few loose packs from other sets I was interested in to complete the order.

Today I picked two packs at random, one from the blue set pictured above and the other from the mysterious white box set. Let’s take a close look at the blue pack first.

This pack translates as something like “Mystery Mirror Collection”, set number is IDV-ISP-A002 and it’s published by NetEase games. They are a major playing in the mobile gaming space too. This pack should then have 8 cards in it. Let’s crack it open and see what we get!

There were 8 cards, they all have similar art styles, different border art and colors which I suspect indicates rarity. They are all foiled, or maybe shiny is a better term for it. The cards feel very cheap compared to some I’ve opened, they were also all bent in exactly the same curve indicating maybe cheap cardstock? Keep in mind there is an 80%+ chance anything you buy on AliExpress will be fake, sometimes a fake of a fake – so these could be fake.

Overall I’m kind of un-impressed by these so I don’t want to feature all 8 here, so I’ll just put two into this post – but I will add all 8 to the archives if you’d like to see them.

You can see that both cards have pretty basic artwork. The foiling is uniform across the card. The backs seem to have details about the characteristics of each character, and the weapon they use. It’s unclear again how you’d play a game like this given that the backs give away what the card is. Anyway, really not very impressed with these so lets move onto the other black pack.

This is the “Abyss” pack according to translation. It’s some sort of special treasure set, the pack says there are 10 rare cards, 18 puzzle cards and 15 rare card “patterns”. With 2 cards per pack, and 80? packs per box – really glad I didn’t buy a box, we’d swimming in dupes. Well lets see if these are any better to look at.

This pack contained only two cards, which was evident from the outside. These cards seem more like actually TCG cards — they have a common back, but they have no stats or anything. Both cards appear to be from the same “IDV-CDR” set, but look totally different in border style. Maybe this was some kind of reprint set. These two are bent in the same way the others were, but they feel higher quality. The foiling on this has depth and texture to it. The gold card is especially nice to hold in the light.

Ok, that’s our first look at Identity V cards. Not too impressed, but I also don’t have very many packs – I think 10 packs of each set to open. Still if you were curious what these are all about, now you know.

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