May the 4th be with You! More Exciting Star Wars Cards

May the 4th be with You! Since it is a major Star Wars holiday today I decided to open a 2nd pack of my Star Wars 2023 Pre-Release trading cards from AliExpress

Today is a major holiday here in the United States, well probably all over the world. It’s May 4th, Star Wars day! To help celebrate I decided to open a 2nd pack of those premium Star Wars trading cards. That box only had 12 packs to start, so now it only has 10 packs left. Well, I bought them to open them so here we go. May the 4th be with you!

These packs only have 2 cards in them and cost effectively 2.50$ a pack. So each of these cards is 1.25$ – just a bit more expensive then the Initial D cards I was complaining so much about. This is an SSR, it’s another ship schematic, at least it isn’t a dupe. This is the Scimitar, the Sith infiltrator flown by Darth Maul in the The Phantom Menace. It’s a decent card, but I was hoping for some other subset just so I can see more variety of cards.

Then this is the UR, this is one of the movie scene subsets. There is one of these for each film, with I think 12 cards in each? Or maybe 9? Either way I’m never going to see all of them give only 12 total packs to open. This one is from The Force Awakens, it features Rey, Finn and BB-8 from pretty early on in the film. Notable the back of this card looks so much better! The front is just the flat image with some etched foil for the framing. But the back has this beautiful chrome foil inlaid like a tie fighter front window.

And those are the cards, only 2, but they are really nice 100pt cards. Sorry this post was a little short, been crazy busy this week. If you missed it, check out the SCP UR I opened today too. It’s one of the O5 cards! I was super excited. I’ve also got so many boxes to open here, from supplies for storage and organization, to more AliExpress cards, to those Sports Cards I warned you about. We’ll get to those this weekend.

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