After reviewing this glitter bomb of a box of trading cards, I just had to open a pack and see what was inside. I know these aren’t the highest quality cards, and I know a lot or all of the artwork is stolen from users, but still I just can’t get over the novelty of this. The fact they exist at all. These are SCP Foundation trading cards from China, specifically a Glittery SCP cube this time.

This pack came from a 5-yuan box of series 1 cards, that series is labeled YSCR01. Cards from the 2-yuan reprint packs sometimes get the label YSCX01, but these two are the same basic set. I haven’t opened the 1-yuan box yet, I actually just got that after a few months of searching. This box cost me $21.38 for 20 packs. The 1-yuan box of the same set cost $16.02, a bit pricy for 1-yuan but it’s out of print, in that box you get 36 packs.

But those packs aren’t the same, in price or in content. The 1-yuan packs include cards from the entire YCSR01 set, all the way up to GR rarity. Each pack has 5 cards, usually 4 R cards and 1 SR that can upgrade to SSR or GR by chance. So for $16.02 I’m getting 180 cards at around 9 cents a card, but I’m restricted to GR and lower. With the 5-yuan box, I paid $21.38 for 20 packs of 8 cards each. These packs can include new SSR, new GR and a whole subset of CR cards, along with the LR chase card. None of those are in the 1-yuan packs at all. Still I’m paying 13 cents a card on average for 5-yuan, 5 more cents per card than 1-yuan.

The pack I opened had 8 cards in it, but one was a dupe. That’s right I got a dupe inside a single pack, 2 copies of this card, YCSRW01-035. That’s disappointing but not unexpected. There aren’t that many low rarity cards in these sets vs the number of low rarity slots in the packs so you will get a lot of dupes collecting these. I knew that so I’m ok with it, even though that does suck coming from a 5-yuan pack.

This card is a very cute image of SCP-811, a sort of plant lady that has some appropriately spooky powers. This card’s YCSRW designation I think tells us it is one of the cards available only in the 5-yuan packs. I say I think because 811 is not listed on the box, so maybe I’m wrong about what the W means here.

Moving along we next see SCP-2256 which looks like a giant tentacle. And indeed reading the article tells us this is a giant underwater tentacle plant/animal supernatural thing. Isn’t it just crazy that somebody printed these cards, how did this happen.

SCP312 is an intelligent jellyfish which is really big and seems to like to munch on us humans. Scary stuff, earns that Euclid designation for sure.

SCP-093 is one of the best written articles on the wiki in my opinion. This one will stick with you, I knew what story it was from the image alone before I even looked it up, although I had forgotten the SCP number. This is a mirror, that’s the actual SCP, but the mirror grants you access to a different place, or maybe a different time. In that place the landscape is apocalyptic… and look seeing the picture here already ruined a lot for you – go read it before I ruin the rest.

Like I said I got two copies of that first R so I really only got 4 unique R cards in this pack. The pack layout seems to be 5 R slots, one SR slot, one SSR slot and then one what I might call jackpot or chase slot. The 5 R slots likely never upgrade, or only very rarely, but usually not at all. Then the SR slot has some chance to upgrade to SSR and maybe further, same with that SSR slot. The last slot though, that is where the 5-yuan chase cards could end up, like the single LR card in this set, it might be in that location if you are very lucky.

The SR I received is a seductive looking SCP-336, is something interesting indeed. Not immediately dangerous, in that it won’t rip your face off or something, but if you are male it will impregnate you with some kind of partial human/mammal hybrid. Seriously this article is wild go read it, it isn’t one of the NSFW ones or anything. This card just has a foil coating on it, that’s what differentiates it from the R which have no coating at all.

Now we’re talking, this is what you buy 5-yuan packs for – in the other boxes and SSR like this would be a once-in-a-box promo. In these 5-yuan packs it’s a default rarity in slot 7, so I’ll get at least 20 of these from this box. This one depicts SCP-1000 which is essentially a super powered Bigfoot, but yeah, go read it, things get weird. There is a reason this one is marked Keter. The card has that foil coating from the SR level, but adds a new embossed stamp in the corner and emboss foil outlining which you can see has solid black from my scanner. A very cool looking card, the best looking SCP card so far in fact.

Until I saw this anyway. This is what was in the 8th rarity slot for the pack I opened, it is a CR level card. This is a special subset only found in the 5-yuan packs, from the box it seems there are 17 of these. This one is called “Observer – 06”, the character depicted is Dr. Kondraki a recurring character in the SCP mythos. This researching rose to the administrative ranks due to some rather unique abilities as you can see from the image on the card.

This card is beautiful, still cheap card stock for sure – nothing like even the simplest Kayou cards, but still for Camon – this is amazing. The background is a textured metallic foil gradient that sometimes looks mirrored. I’m shocked my scanner picked it up, but that’s a good representation of what you see in real life. This card has the bio info on the front as the back is printed with a cool pattern, but likely generic to all CR level cards. It looks black but is actually an intricate design of lines and fractals, looks really cool in person.


So that’s a 5-yuan pack. I’ve now opened a 1-yuan, a 2-yuan and a 5-yuan from the SCP trading card product series. It definitely felt cooler opening this then it does the 1/2 yuan packs. The reason is you know you have 3 upgradable rarity slots – not just 1. And you’ve also got that dream of getting the 1 LR chase card in the entire set, wouldn’t that be awesome! Maybe next time, or maybe the 10-yuan packs are even better.

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