Kayou is Awesome! A Closer Look at My Little Pony Cards

These Kayou cards are really high quality, best AliExpress trading cards I’ve opened so far. Come and check out some really cool My Little Pony cards.

I know I skipped a post showing off the Dragon Ball Z cards, I did add those all to the database though – the Kakarot SSR card was honestly really well printed. Still, I wasn’t impressed enough to write a whole article about those. These My Little Pony cards on the other hand, are exceptionally high quality, even though I know nothing but internet memes about this media property, I just had to show off these cards.

Let’s start with this R, rare, card. These are the commons of this set, that’s pretty typical in these, rarity inflation I guess. Even with the basic art on this, it is still presented really well, the framing and colors are just amazing compared to something like Game Soul where it’s just re-printed marketing images.

Beyond the basic printing this card is much higher quality stock then anything I’ve opened so far except maybe for Star Wars and Gundam which have super thick stock. You can kind of see in the scan, but even this simple rare card has patterned foil overlay, that light star pattern. The back on the card with that pink->purple gradient is coated in glitter, it’s really something to see – and that’s the back! Oh yeah, this is Mayor, but I really don’t know much beyond that.

I won’t show all the basic rares I got, the pack had 6 total cards – 4 were rare, these are 5-yuan packs though so the other 2 were upgraded rarities. Before we get there though, this is Pound Cake, a baby my little pony, with wings I guess? Again it’s just a great card to hold. One thing you can’t tell from these posts is that all the other 1/2 yuan packs I’ve opened were not Kayou brand cards. They would come out of the pack bent, or immediately bend in the air. These don’t, they are nice and solid and look great.

Check this card out, this is Fluttershy, and it’s an SSR. There are so many layers of foil and glitter on this it rivals the JoJo PR card I have for shiny-ness. Also notice the back, it still has that glitter but no more information or stats. I’m honestly not sure if this is some kind of pack-in thing, or an actual SSR. I’ll know once I open more packs. The reason I’m confused is these were supposed to have 5 cards, but this pack had 6 — so maybe one of these 6 is a promo? It could also just be that packs upgrade with an extra card?

This last card is really interesting. I knew about this from videos I had watched before starting this project, this is an overlay card. That “TR” is a rarity level, in this set it’s the rarity of these overlay cards. The card is transparent with printing on just one side, there is no back to this. The idea from what I’ve seen is that you put this over other cards to modify them or make them look cooler.

The thing is, I figured these would be more transparent, like a frame or a border or a pattern. This card though is almost fully printed, there is only a bit of transparency left on the edges. I tried putting this over some of the cards I have but it just covers everything. My guess is that that there are other cards in this set that would be intended to have these overtop — maybe a background card depicting a field or something with a character of it’s own.

So yeah, I wasn’t expecting much from these but I’m kind of blown away. These Kayou cards are so much higher quality then the others I’ve seen that I’m now seeking out other Kayou sets to pick up. I just ordered a Kayou Transformers set, should get in here in a month or two.

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