my box of spiderman 60th anniversary trading cards open with a few packs laid out in front.

Spiderman 60th Anniversary: A Stunning Set of Cards

Spiderman 60th Anniversary trading cards are some of the best Marvel cards I’ve seen in years. Come read why you should definitely be picking up a box yourself.

Spiderman 60th Anniversary is a stunningly beautiful set of trading cards. I’ve now broken an entire box of these, with 4 more on the way, so I’m really confident in making that statement. Everything about this set, from the artwork, the framing design, the rarity levels, pull rates, box design – you name it and they’ve done it well. It’s not often I write-up a set so soon after it’s release, but in this case, it’s worth it!

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A full box break of this Spiderman 60th

The Box

This looks like the Star Wars Pre Release box. I know I say that a lot, but it really does. Whoever designed this box must be just selling it to everybody. Anyway, it still looks great. This one is foiled up to be super shiny, just like the KX Chainsaw Man set, with a big Spiderman on the front. The sides have simple logo designs, and the back is covered by disclaimer information. It contains 11 packs, with 1 of them being the box promo or “hit” pack.

I purchased all my Spiderman 60th boxes from C1LUXURYACC Store my go-to vendor these days, I pay 27$ a box which is nearly the same as wholesale at 24$ a box. One important point is that searching these boxes is relatively easy to do and there are valuable cards in this set. The “Snow Globe” cards, a possible box promo, are actually 1 per case. They are significantly wider and heavier than any other promo card, you could easily tell the difference just by weighing the box. That doesn’t mean this vendor does that, but you should understand that they or any other seller, could.

back of the spiderman 60th anniversary trading cards set by Zhenka.

Being a Marvel set, this Spiderman 60th Anniversary set has to face the question of legitimacy. While it is nearly impossible to prove a set is licensed for a given a territory, especially as a westerner outside of China, we can still guess. First this has all the correct markings and warnings of a legit 2023 trading card product in China. We’ve seen many bootlegs and they never include all this – why waste the ink? The distributor here, 圆野文创 or “Round Culture” is a massive corporation with a long history of making licensed toys in China – including Marvel licensed toys.

That doesn’t really prove that Spiderman 60th is licensed, but I personally believe that it is. The main reason for me is the Marvel logo on everything. Especially on the front of the cards, it looks ugly here and covers so much of the artwork. If you were bootlegging a set you would not think to do this, to make your own set uglier right? Only the actual rights holder would both be garish enough, and also have to power to assert a design choice like that. Whatever you believe, there is a thriving secondary market for these cards either way.

The Spiderman 60th Set

This is a huge set. So big that I’m not sure even my 6 total boxes will let me see most of the rarities, much less complete anything above UR. It’s similar is scope to that Doraemon “Stand by Me” set or the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure “Big Blue” set in scope.

Let’s start at the base, the 36 SSR level cards all feature a common silver background with either a portrait or a logo in the middle. Usually there is also a word here like “Thwip” or “Amazing” in gold. These SSRs look so good in my opinion, the reserved design on these alongside the variety of artwork really made me want to complete the set.

There are 27 URs to collect, you’ll get about 4-5 in a box, they all feature characters in action poses. Above that is PR with 9 total cards. Then there are CP cards, 18 of these, featuring fight sequences. Then 12 IP, 16 GP, 12 QR (chibi spiderman!), 12 SE, 9 SP, 12 SSP… It’s a lot, most of those I haven’t even seen yet and we’re not done with the list. I have pulled IPs and QRs from Spiderman 60th though

There are 9 more SSPs featuring female Spiderman variants. 9 SKP, and 9 other fluorescent SKP cards. 9 EX cards with cool metal-looking frames, 6 MAX cards, 6 “Letterpress printed” cards. 9 SL cards contain metal medallions, 6 GD containing gold colored metal medallions. 9 STP comic booklet cards that open up like little books. 6 LP snow globe cards, yes like actual snow globes in a trading card. There will also be prize cards in this series that you would have to work with a vendor to redeem.

So you see, Spiderman 60th Anniversary is a massive set. With all those levels, completing this would be nearly impossible without buying singles. With my 6 boxes I’m just hoping to see at least 1 of most rarity levels.

The Cards

See what I mean? That IP “Ghost Spider” was the box promo card in the first box I ever opened. The scan really can’t do this kind of thing justice you need to see the video. Not all the cards are as busy as this one, but the all share that same sense of design. You can really tell that who ever directed the art for this set really had an eye for excellent graphic design. Except for that huge Marvel logo with the extra copyright Marvel below it – only a rights-holder would demand something that huge.

Above is a mix of SSRs, the base cards in the set. You can see the common silver background art, this looks great with all the cards arranged on a binder page. The central artwork has enough common elements through color and pattern, while also being diverse enough to keep this level interesting. I really like the villain ones, but of course I’ve always had a soft spot for the Symbiotes.

Above is a selection of UR cards from my pulls. These all feature a common composition in the background but different coloring to match the character. The Symbiotes are my favorites here again, I just love their art style. Especially Carnage there looking super menacing.

Finally here are some of the higher tier cards I’ve pulled. Nothing crazy, no SKP or above yet. The QR features “chibi” versions of the characters on skewed city backgrounds. IP has this cool “jumping out of the comic” look to it. On all of these you can’t really see the incredible stamped and printed foil effects on these cards. All the line outlines just glow in the light. You can almost see that on the line outlining the hand at the bottom of the Venom CP.


Another really high quality Marvel set? We’re kind of getting spoiled aren’t we… And yeah, I know about stuff like Fleer Ultra, and even the Masterpieces line – I have opened those products as well. I’m telling you from somebody who has all these various products right here in front me, Spiderman 60th Anniversary is a great set of trading cards. If it was even just a bit cheaper, like 20$ a box, I would have bought a case. In fact, I was pretty close to buying a case anyway – it really is that good.

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