Doraemon Trading Cards! How are These This Good?

OK stop everything and go buy this box of Doraemon Trading Cards, you’ll find it on AliExpress. You can read my review if you want – but you’ll just wish you had bought it sooner.

As you know by know, I am the Archivist and what I do is take pretty much any type of trading card that exists and examine it in way more detail than a sane human being would. In doing that I’ve seen a lot of cards, check the archives to see them all. I’ve seen some fantastic sets, like that Studio Ghibli, and some not fantastic sets – like Identity V. It’s with all that experience that I am telling you right now to stop reading and go buy this set of Doraemon Trading cards. You can come back and finish reading once your order is in. I don’t even get paid to say that.

Not sold yet, check out this pack break video and you will be:

Me breaking my own rules and opening a 2nd pack from this set – they are that good, I NEVER do that.

The Box

OMG The Box, that gold line art is all stamped foil. It looks just as incredible as it sounds, this box tour video is well worth a quick skim so you can see it for yourself. It doesn’t just look great, it’s also really high quality coated cardboard, with a magnetic clasp mechanism and a padded – yes padded – plastic tray inside to hold the packs. This is just on another level, and I’ve looked at 28 boxes now – this one is the best. Yes, it’s better than Duel Gundam 2, yes I hate myself for saying that – but it is true.

It isn’t even that expensive, I got this one for 29$ from my favorite vendor: C1LUXURYACC Store – I then ordered a 2nd box at the same price immediately after opening the first pack. I was not joking and you are going to hear this a lot – go buy this. I don’t care that you don’t know what Doraemon is, that’s 100% irrelevant. You will love these Doraemon trading cards.

The whole box is cute. From the magnetic flap keeping it closed with it’s cartoony “Open” sign and all the character faces, to the understated yet perfectly elegant artwork on the back above the label. Every detail is perfect on this, and it’s just a joy to hold and look at. This is one of those boxes that will stay on display long after you’ve opened all the packs. It’s so high quality you could even use it to store duplicate cards – I might do that.

The Set

I had to move on from that box or I would never stop raving about it. Now look at those packs!!! Kidding, the packs are just kind of normal. You get a “hit” pack, also called a box promo pack – that’s the white one. Then you get 10 of the normal blue packs. The hit pack will have one special card in it, in my case it turned out to be incredibly special, we’ll get to that in a minute.

The regular packs will have 3 nice thick high quality cards, just as nice as the Star Wars and the Gundam ones are. I’ve also now opened some western trading card packs, specifically 2 packs of Spiderman: “Into the Multiverse” by Upper Deck. That’s a cool set, I didn’t get anything good in my packs – but I’ve seen some real bangers come out of those, like 1/1 relics and autos – insane stuff. Those western cards have NOTHING on these Doraemon trading cards. They might as well not exist, it’s like Futuristic Space Baseball vs Little Leaguers.

I put a sampling of the Doraemon trading cards fliers up there so you can get a sense of the shocking variety of cards available in this set. I’m likely going to be buying more boxes, this may be the first set I buy a case from – just have to find somebody will to sell it to me.

There are 86 pages of fliers. Most sets have 10, big sets have 20-30. This set has 86 pages. I’ll try to break it all down here but my god this is a massive release:

  • You have redemption medallion cards numbered to 999, these have metal trinkets in them – there are 6 different ones
  • There are 3 “Golden” – not real gold.. probably — prize cards. And… I’m… Wrong – they are .999 pur e actual gold cards with certifications from the Chinese precious metal regulator. So yeah, actual real gold
  • Some kind of “Crystal Gold” thing, this might be a prize but it also could be a card given the bonkers nature of this set.
  • Then 9 different Sterling Silver cards, wtf man, they are painted gold but again certified sterling silver cards. Weighing this set must be trivially easy if those aren’t redemption things.
  • 9 ‘E’ level prize cards, these enamel pins inlaid into them — go buy this why are you still reading
  • 9 ‘F’ level prize cards, these are rainbow acrylic cards with relief engraving
  • 9 ‘Special’ prize cards – these are diamond encrusted, cause you know – why the hell not?
  • 9 other ‘Special’ prize cards – these are printed on leather… I’m speechless
  • 18 more ‘Special’ prize cards, this time metal allow 3d “picture frame cards”
  • Oh, we’re not even to the normal cards yet – buckle up buttercup
  • 27 “Film Cell Relic” cards, containing cells from the show. Some are numbered to 118 – ask me how I know that?
  • Now into the regular cards, 9 SSP
  • 18 SP (You should check these out on the flier, omg, I want all of them)
  • 27 Alphonse Mucha style cards
  • 9 ZR cards, these are red and gold
  • 10 GR cards, space themed
  • 18 XR cards – wild glow stick style artwork on these.
  • 18 CR, 18 LR, 12 EX, 18 MR, 18 UR, 18 HR
  • 27 SSR
  • 36 SR

Well ok then. Did I mention you get 10 packs of 3 cards in a box? That’s 30 cards per box. Good luck collecting this one, I will try – but even with a full case I doubt I even see 1 of each rarity much less complete anything. Actual gold cards!? Silver!? DIAMOND!?! Amazing set, everything I’ve actually seen so far has lived up to the expectation of that list and these fliers. This is truly a next level set of Doraemon trading cards.

The Doraemon Trading Cards

Let’s start small with some of the SR Doraemon trading cards I pulled, these are base rarity – the bottom of that epic list up there. They look fantastic! The printing is top notch, colors are lively and so different from anything I’ve seen. They don’t have much foil on them, only the little SR logo has it. Still these are super cute and I would be happy if this was all that was in the set, but there is more, oh boy is there more.

Two SSR cards I pulled. I opened 3 packs from this, my rule is to open just 1. I couldn’t resist cracking a second and then I did a third once I knew I had a second box on the way. One of those packs had an extra card – 4 instead of 3. I think that happened because one of the cards was stuck under another one on the conveyor belt. See how that Nobita is printed way off center and crooked? That was in the 4 card pack. The Doraemon one shows how it should look.

Next up 3 HRs I pulled, just 3rd tier cards but they also look fantastic. Go watch that pack break video above to see the foil on these shine. The orange and pink ones are especially pretty to look at. These being 3rd tier, below even UR rarity, you expect less on them. But when your sets top cards are freaking solid gold – I guess the escalation starts early. No complaints here, Doraemon trading cards are beautiful.

I have to wrap this article up so I can go buy more boxes of this set (only half joking on that point). So I’ll skip ahead, the archives have everything uploaded. This was in the hit pack, that white one-per-box pack. It is a die cut, 200pt relic card with a cell from the animation in it. I’ve actually seen that episode too, amazing. And best part – it’s serial numbered to 118, I got number 19. This is my first serial numbered card ever. Which just adds to my love of this set.


This Doraemon trading cards review is technically not supposed to happen for a few more weeks – it’s I think 8 boxes behind in the queue. It’s so good though that I just jumped it to the front and wrote it up now. You should buy some of these before I buy all the rest. I can’t imagine a more fun and exciting set to really invest in. Somebody sell me a case please, take my money!!!

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6 thoughts on “Doraemon Trading Cards! How are These This Good?

  1. What kind of market is there for these? Where are they being traded? I come from a CCG background, but these look fun. Not 30 dollars fun to me, but I’d like to open one with my girlfriend as a lottery ticket of sorts.

    1. I’m going to write up a full post to answer this :). In short, no Doraemon has no secondary market so you’d have to really love the cards to pay for and open them. I do have suggestions for lottery sets though, that’s what I’m going to write up next.

      1. Thanks for the response! This side of the hobby is alien to me, but there’s something refreshingly “old internet” about this site… A real person writing real stuff for no one in particular, with no ulterior motive. Love to see it.

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