SCP Trading Cards: Time to Hunt Down some Forgotten Monsters

Yes I just opened one box, but haven’t you heard of second trading card box? Let’s go hunt down some forgotten monsters!

It’s SCP trading card time again, yes I know I just opened up one of the boxes, but I have a lot of these to get through so we’re doing it again. This time I selected a series 2 1-yuan box to start with. Series 2 auto-translates to something like “Lost Behemoths” but I prefer to think of it as “Forgotten Monsters” – it has more of an SCP feel to it. So let’s crack that box open and go hunt down some forgotten monsters.

Before I get too far into the set I want to talk about the shopping experience for this series. There are a lot of these – I think there are 10 distinct boxed products available and 2 binders. I thought I had all 10 boxes, and I have 1 of the binders. I definitely ordered all 10 boxes, I can see that in my history but when you buy these from a drop-shipper you are relying on them sending the right thing. I didn’t actually get one of them, the very first one. But don’t worry, I put that order in already and I’ll show you when it arrives in a new Mail Call post.

Alright so if you remember series 1 was labeled “Failure of Reception” in english so we knew what to call that one. This box doesn’t have an english title, the auto-translation for the title is “Lost Behemoths”. But these characters can have many meanings and translations – they express an idea, almost like the lyrics of a song, more then explicit things like we have in English. So another way to read this, and I think a more appropriate way for SCP would be “Forgotten Monsters”, so that’s what I’m calling this set.

The box features great design and art just like the first one, this was a primary reason I wanted to get all these. I know the art is mostly stolen from users, but I talked a lot about that already and I really hope some can see this as a tribute somehow maybe, sorry you didn’t get money :(. On the sides are 2 of the main SCP in this set. SCP-3844 is literally a dragon, the wiki post on it is written as a letter – very well done. On the other side is the bird from the cover, SCP-1160, is a giant bird with some interesting characteristics. So yeah, these are monsters for sure.

The next side of the box has “Your Secret Adventure” written in large text. I’m unsure what this phrase is referencing other than just being thematic maybe? The last side then has the manufacturers information, this is also produced by Camon as all of these SCP products are. We see this set is numbered YCSR2, whereas the last box we opened was YCSR1. The back of the box is not printed on.

This box once again comes with a very helpful checklist on the inside, I’ve scanned it in above. This shows a problem though that a lot of these sets have — reprints. We see that nearly half of the cards in this set are reprints of series 1 cards. To somebody like me that is actually a bonus! Smaller sets, and then reprints help me to complete everything. It might take 3-4 boxes but I should end up with every single Series 1 card by the end of this at the very least.

I took 3 scans from this pack because it has something neat printed on the back, another set list! This list is breaking down the rarities and then showing you the 4 best cards you could get. These are 1-yuan packs, so they have 6 cards in each, but the rarity distribution is worse. Where a 2-yuan pack almost guarantees at least an SR in each pack, that is not true for 1-yuans. In fact I got 6 Rs in the one I opened, but that’s something for the next post.

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