Mail Call 5! A Massive Box of DC Extended Universe

Another package! I get a lot of these… actually this on has just been on the shelf for a long time. Lets open it up together.

Last time I said there weren’t many more packages on the way, and that is true, there are only 4 more on the way. But I also have a few that are on the shelf but not opened yet. Today’s package is one of those, it arrived in March, and I never had time to open it until now. Turns out this one has a massive box of DC Extended Universe trading cards.

If you recognize that white wrapping and orange tape, you probably order way too many things from AliExpress. Or maybe you just read my first mail call post where I opened the first half of this shipment, this is indeed the other half. It has been sitting on the shelf for a bit over a month. In this hobby you order when you can, if you wait too long prices go up, or product just sells out.

If you remember this was part of an order I made with Anime Card Store, this vendor does a lot right: great selection, best prices and great shipping. The only reason they aren’t my favorite is because I’ve received a few obviously searched boxes from them. Still, sometimes only they have a product, or you don’t care about searched packs and just want the lowest price.

Once the outer wrap is removed we can see whats in here, very well bubble wrapped. There are 3 boxes in here, two normal sized ones and then one massive green box – thats the cool looking but super expensive set you see in many shops, it is for the DC Comics Extended Universe, so all the movies and tv shows. Lets take a quick look at all 3 before I add them to my ever growing backlog.

Let’s look at that DC box first, it’s so big! it’s twice the width of a standard 1/2 yuan box. The art and foil on the box itself is also very well done, I especially love the bit of rainbow foil inlaid with the gun he’s holding. There are two boxes in this series and both seem like questionable values, they are essentially 10-yuan boxes with 12 packs. But each pack only has 2 cards, just like the Star Wars ones did.

I wanted to show you the back of this box too, it’s hilarious – they just printed the wikipedia article on the DC Extended universe. Like directly on the box, in english, including even the redirection notice at the top of that page. This is just incredible, exactly why I choose to focus on this niche area of the hobby. I’m not sure if this implies the product is not legitimate though, maybe they just needed to fill the back with something.

Also in that package was this 2-yuan box of Genshin Impact trading cards. They make a bunch of these too, I picked this one as it seemed the newest, was 2-yuan and has a green box. I did actually play this game for a bit too so I kind of know the property in general which should help with the review. The artwork on these look insane too, I can’t wait to open a pack, maybe i’ll pick this box next.

That decision is always so difficult as I keep finding cooler things in here. This third box is from the show Kaimen Rider X, which is a reboot of Kaimen Rider. I never watched much of this show, but I have heard and read quite a bit about it. The show is a precursor to things like Power Rangers, but includes elements that have now appeared in tons of other sci-fi franchises over the years.

That was a great one to open, I’m still surprised by the sheer size of this DC box. It’s so weird cause it only has I think 11 or 12 packs in it? It must just be all padding in there. We’ll find out soon, time to go pick one of these to open.

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