Mail Call 4! More Surprisingly Awesome Dragon Ball Cards

Another Mail Call post so soon? I know, but what if I told you it contained a 10-yuan box of Awesome Dragon Ball cards!

Yes I know we just did a mail call post a few days ago, but this arrived late last night and I just had to crack it open and show what it contains. Last we saw the movie Renfield, a vampire movie where Nicolas Cage is Dracula. It was pretty gory, but also kind of heartwarming. Anyway, when we got home this was sitting on the porch. I kind of knew what it was since there are only 2 packages still being shipped, this one has 2 more boxes of awesome Dragon Ball cards in it!

I say this is almost the last shipment as I think I’ve now ordered everything I could possibly want from the existing stocks on AliExpress. That sounds crazy, but it honestly isn’t that much – these are much cheaper then you’d expect. Of course new product is always coming out but I need 3-4 boxes to justify a shipment so that’s usually at least a few months in my experience. That would equate to something like 50$ a month, which is pretty low for a hobby where you get this much stuff to look at. When I was collecting Gunpla one higher-end model would be 50$ at least, and that’s just one.

This specific package is from Anime Card Store, just like the very first mail call post. Well there shipping is not as good as my favorite store, C1LUXURYACC, they at least do the bubble wrap cocoon method rather than the box method. I order from this store honestly because they are the cheapest that still reliably ships boxes in decent condition. When I try to go cheaper I end up with damaged product. Ok, ok, enough technical talk let’s see what’s inside!

Inside is exactly what I was expecting, even though these take about a month to get here, when there are only a few left to receive it’s easier to guess. This has two more Dragon Ball sets to go with the 1-yuan box I reviewed before. The last box in there, the weirdly shaped one with what looks like Loki(?) on the side is actually a box with Loki on the side. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s the 5-yuan latest release from the Marvel Hero Battle game. I won’t be buying many of these, in fact it’s going to be just this one and another one I have stashed away but haven’t shown you yet. The cards look amazing for sure, and they are Kayou so you know they will be high quality. The problem is that for my site at least, this game is already too well known. I mean there is freaking guide to it already written up, tons of youtube videos, a mostly dead reddit and way too many overpriced Ebay listings. So I just got a few sets to I could make sure they were omitted entirely from my collection but I won’t be focusing on Marvel cards too heavily.

One thing I didn’t want to show you is this close up photo of the the protective foil sticker. There are two of these holding the box shut. It should have also been wrapped in paper with a foil Kayou sticker strip – but that had been removed entirely. Then both of these stickers have clearly been removed and badly re-applied. I don’t have to point out the fold in the application, or the obvious breakage of the security foil. Clearly this box was searched before sending it to me. Whatever promo should be in here, I’m not expecting to find, I’m also expecting that the packs have been weighed and the best replaced. Still, even a bad 5-yuan pack is usually pretty awesome – and as I’ve said again and again I’m in this hobby for fun not money. Still one more reason to avoid this vendor, I paid $22 for this which is full price.

Next up is this fabulous blue rainbow foiled box, this is a 2-yuan box of LZ02 which is the Dragon Ball set before the one I opened already. These are cheaper now so that’s I why I went back not forward, also these are more likely to go out of print sooner so when I’m picking up new sets I try to buy the oldest I can find in the yuan level I’m looking for. The logic is that if I really want them, the newer sets will still be there a year from now — this older set probably won’t be.

Finally another Dragon Ball box! This is the reason I wanted to open this package so soon, it’s a 10-yuan box, so the highest level I think from these sets. It’s also from LZ02, the second series. This box looks amazing but you’ll have to wait for that review to see more of it.

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