Tokyo Ghoul Cards: Another Triumph From Big Face!

I bought these mostly because they looked creepy – I had no idea this was a Big Face Studio production! Take a closer look at these Tokyo Ghoul cards

I knew nothing about this series before I bought these cards, I still haven’t watched it – but I plan to. The concept is super interesting, “ghouls” look human but need to eat real humans to survive. They hide amongst the regular citizens in Tokyo. You’d think the protagonist would be somehow fighting against them, like in Chainsaw Man? Well no, the protagonist is one of them! How cool, let’s look at these Tokyo Ghoul cards.

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Prefer video? Well I made one of those too – the cards look amazing!

The Box

When I ordered this I had no idea it was a Big Face set, they are the designers of that first and still best Chainsaw Man set. When I unboxed that package I pretty much jumped for joy when I saw that BF logo – it’s a like a quality guarantee at this point. But before we jump into looking at these Tokyo Ghoul cards check out the cover on this box!

This box of Tokyo Ghoul cards features the face of the protagonist with some really nice blue to red gradient lettering.

That cover was basically the reason I threw this into an order. I don’t even remember looking at the flier first, I just needed something to go along with that 3rd Chainsaw Man box. I thought that box would be the star of that order but I was wrong, it is awesome – but these Tokyo Ghoul cards are better.

I bought this from my go-to vendor C1LUXURYACC Store for $26.50 – I’ve kind of gotten used to that ~30$ price point on this boxed sets. It arrived in perfect condition and has a rather unique look to it. First it’s small, smaller than even a 1-yuan box would be – and those things do not waste space. It also uses a drawer system rather than a lid, you push on one side and a tray holding the packs slides out.

Part of the flier for this set of Tokyo Ghoul Cards, this page describes the MR rarity level

The Set

Now that I’ve seen some cards and read through the flier, and I can say this is a high quality – and really big set. You only get 10 packs in the box, one is a hit pack. You will need to buy a lot of boxes to complete this set, honestly it might not be possible. Still you will enjoy whatever you do pull, I can promise that.

I’m not sure where to start, the flier is a bit jumbled up. Maybe the SSS level is right, these are folding booklet cards. The Chainsaw Man set had some of these and they look really cool. There are 6 “Gold” Tokyo Ghoul cards, that are also signed – or more likely have a printed signature. It isn’t clear if those are really gold or not though, or if they are a redemption program.

The limit cards, there are 9 of them, look kind of like bookmarks? 6 LP cards are like drivers license style cards. There are 6 SP cards featuring female characters. I’m not sure what to make of this but the 6 “Supreme Cards” translate as “Water Product”? I’m guessing those are clear or PVC maybe. There are 3 “Duke” Tokyo Ghoul cards, the translation references diamonds, and the cards are really thick – these might be the set hits.

There are 4 SSP cards which are animated, likely lenticular. There are 6 “Earl” cards, which are black gold – so I suspect a non-precious metal card, these do look awesome! There are 24 “Hand Card”, these are meant to look like what would be called a sketch card in western sets – but they are just printed, not actually hand drawn.

I told you it was a big set and we aren’t even at the low rarities yet. 36 HR rarity cards, these feature scenes from the anime and movie. 12 CP cards feature characters in love, sort of like valentine style cards. The 24 UR Tokyo Ghoul cards are that magazine cover style we see in many of these sets. 18 ZR cards are like slice-of-live polaroid picture cards. 18 MR which feature the actual manga covers.

12 “film” cards which are not actual cells but rather PVC translucent cards. Finally the sets base rarity is SSR with 42 cards, that’s the highest base count we’ve seen in a premium set so far. That’s a big set, a really big set. With so many rarity levels it would take a lot of buying, ripping and trading to complete this one. Let’s checkout some cards to see if it’s worth trying.

The Tokyo Ghoul Cards

I’ll start with the hit pack card, that’s the card pictured above. I pulled one of the 24 possible “Hand Cards” – it’s cool and all, but or a 1-per box promo card I was expecting one of the top rarities. This seems like something I could expect to pull from any random pack. Again, it looks great, the ink drawing is lined in gold foil and looks fantastic. The texture is also very paper like, a good reproduction of a hand drawn card.

Next I’ll show the HR I pulled, these feature scenes from the anime, in this case a battle of some kind. I can’t really tell what’s going on in the card, but the foil work on this is exceptional. There is a subtle gold foil lining those red spiky things in both corners, they act as a sort of foreground. The actual impact point is a brilliant white, with those orange->yellow gradient foiled sparks. Impressive work, you can tell it’s the Big Face team doing these.

This is “just” a UR, I guess the second most common card rarity in this set, yet this was my favorite pull by far. The artwork is stunning, with the most reserved foil used in only a few spots – like that ripped paper in the upper right. The UR level translates as “Vintage Magazine Covers” and now I understand what they meant. It’s like this card was beaten up and repaired over many years of use. It’s a cool effect and contrast so well with that gorgeous portrait. Oh yeah, the back is awesome too.


So there we go, a huge set – but some great Tokyo Ghoul cards. I’d say buy a box and just be happy with what you get, I would not try to complete this one. I don’t think even that legend from Instagram who completed a full Chainsaw Man set could complete this one.

I recently updated the Hall of Fame cards here in the Archives, this is a set of 16 cards (one binder page) that are my absolute best cards. It was really hard to pick 16 when the Archives only had 100 cards, now we have over 500 cards – so picking just 16 was nearly impossible. Why not take a look and see if you like my choices or not?

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