I know we’re all still crying a little from that kind of just bad 8-pack Chainsaw Man set. I did not give up, I keep searching and found yet another set, this one from a unknown to me manufacturer: 卡星文创. That might translate as “Kaxing”, we’re not sure. Since we don’t have a better name I’ve been calling these 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man cards the “KX” set. You’ll never believe this but these might be even better than the Big Face Studios set!

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Warning: This set includes some sort of NSFW cards, not full nudes or anything but also not something you’d want to have to explain to your boss.

Me and my silly blue gloves get overly excited when we pull an amazing Power UR!

The Box

We always start with the box because it’s impossible to get the cards out without looking it first. This one is extra shiny, like basically chrome all over. Online the box is pictured as mostly white, so before I received this I was calling the “white and red” box. On my scanner the box looks blue, so that might be the primary color in the foil.

The back of the 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man box of trading cards, features great character art along with the label.

The 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man box also features some excellent print quality. The artwork is mostly promotional but still, the colors on the cover art are fantastic! The back also features a neat character strip with each of the main devil hunters from the show. The label doesn’t tell us much, other than the KX-DJ-001 numbering system and that we’re going to get 10 packs in here. Note, it isn’t 10+1, just 10. No hit pack in here.

This looks just like one of the Star Wars boxes, but it isn’t quite the same size – although it is the exact same design. It’s got nice strong cardboard, a magnetic lid, and even has a padded tray instead of a plastic one. Although on the packs in mine got kind of squished in the tray during shipping – it didn’t seem to hurt the cards.

Part of the flier for this set of 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man cards, this features the SLR rarity level.

The Set

This set feels about the same size as the Big Face set. Lots of great looking cards, with one major difference – this set has some actual NSFW cards in it’s SSP rarity. Let’s start up at the top of the flier with the “Secret Hidden Card”, the SEGR level, this is apparently 1 card. It isn’t that secret since it’s got an entire page of the flier all to itself, but the image is blurred. It’s also marked as being limited, which likely means serial numbered – but it doesn’t say to what.

Next are those 18 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man SLRs pictured above. Those are then followed by the SLP layer, which are basically waifu cards using Chainsaw Man characters. All the female characters are included in very little clothing and obviously suggestive poses. Moving on from there are the SSP cards, which are character portrait magazine cover cards – and oh my the Power one of these has the least clothes of any card in this set.

A page of the flier for the 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man set of trading cards. This page shows off the UR level, which are swimsuit cards featuring women from the show.

SP is next with 8 cards, these are called “Battle” cards and feature bloody chainsaw action. CP then gets 15 more cards, these are manga covers. The UR level is another sexy card level, but less sexy that LSP – here the ladies are just in bathing suits. So that’s basically the “Twitch” hot tub level of trading cards. There are 18 URs and then another 18 SSR which is the base rarity in the set.

We don’t have any indication of odds or anything like that, from the 1 pack I’ve opened so far I pulled 3 cards, a CP a UR and an SSR. That’s a pretty good start, most sets would be 2 SSR and then a hit. Let’s take a look at the 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man cards as they are gorgeously designed.

The 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man Cards

As I mentioned above I pulled an SSR a UR and a CP from my first pack Above is the SSR featuring Kishibe. The card may look plain at first but there is actually quite a big going on with it. My scanner couldn’t pick it up but in the video you can see that the black background is actually swirling with a cool foil pattern. Then the character art is printed over that, with the framing coming next. The gold lettering is then set with a kind of cracked-ice foil. A great looking card.

Next up is the CP, this is actually the hit from my pack – but I’m saving the UR for last, you’ll see why. This card has some of the same tech as the SSR, but adds a complex refraction texture in the light blue area around the outside. Then the border of the image has a flat chrome effect on it. The image at first looks like a simple color printing, but in the light you will notice it is actually inset with a ton of little foil details. Even the backs of these are great – with a high gloss foil over the image.

Ok, ok, we all know why we are here – calm down. The UR is a fantastic image of Power in a bikini, holding a beachball. She looks great, but remember she is a blood fiend and will eat you just as soon as let you touch her chest. If you can get past the rather distracting features in the middle – the outside of this card is kind of amazing.

There are two layered effects, first a nice refraction scatter texture with rings arranged around the circle in the middle. These rings each catch the light differently making it look like they are animating as the card moves.


So… maybe the Power UR made me a bit biased, but this 卡星文创 Chainsaw Man set is a great looking set. Even from these three cards I could tell we had a banger here – just like with the Big Face set. The Big Face set is still probably the one collect right now, it’s a little more mainstream then this one. There is a person on Instagram who actually a complete set of it, even all the PVC promos – it’s incredible!

This set has a very similar quality level, definitely worth a purchase if you can get past some of the fan service here. I did buy a second box – but I also bought 2 more Big Face boxes. Until next time!

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4 thoughts on “卡星文创 Chainsaw Man: A Rival For Big Face Studios?”
    1. Hello! Not a checklist exactly no, best I’ve found is the sell sheet/flier that all the vendors post. That lists the rarity levels and their counts. This let me setup a binder with spaces for all the cards and see what I’m missing.

      It’s a tough set to collect though, I’m on my 6th box now and struggling to pull even 1 new card from a box. There are so many rarity levels I’ve never even seen yet. Like I’ve never pulled an LSP ever. Right now my goal is to complete the SR/UR levels and just be happy with whatever I can find in the higher tiers.

      1. I was hoping to find a list of the of the SP and LSP. I have the SEGR with chainsaw man denji art. I need to master this set!

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